3 Spring Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

potted flowers add curb appeal Spring is the busy season for residential real estate, and while it brings many benefits, it also means that you have more competition for a potential buyer’s attention. When you need to command attention and give your home that little bump that will set it apart from rest, home staging can make all the difference.

What is home staging?

There are many home maintenance, repair, and remodeling projects that can make your home more marketable to buyers. Your real estate agent will usually advise you to do things like paint the walls a neutral color, replace appliances, or make other cost effective upgrades to appeal to buyers.

The purpose of staging is the same- to make your home more appealing; to give a better first impression to buyers. However, staging involves smaller-scale, more temporary measures, from rearranging furniture and removing family photos to placing flowers on the kitchen table and cleaning the windows. While these are all small tasks, they can make a huge difference in the way buyers perceive your home.

Spring staging tips

  • Flower power– Flowers are a great way to add color inside and out, and there’s no better time than spring. Just one or two vases of flowers throughout your home can add a welcoming, cheerful feeling. You can also add curb appeal and highlight your entry by placing a few pots of brightly colored flowers by the front door or on the steps. A hanging basket or planter of beautiful blooms can also dress up a porch, deck, or patio and help the potential buyer envision using the space.
  • Pressure washing– Home buyers want to see a home that is clean and well-maintained, so make sure to have any problem areas cleaned, from your deck and driveway to the sides of the house.
  • Lighten up– Natural light is a big selling point, but you can help add to the effect. Take down heavy window treatments and replace them with light, neutral drapery that lets more light in. Swap out your throw pillows and accessories for lighter (and again, neutral) colors, and edit your decorative items for a less cluttered look.

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Photo by Drew and Merissa via Flickr CC 2.0