4 Bathroom Trends That Won’t Sell Your Home (and 3 That Will)

A well-planned renovation can give homeowners a significant ROI when they decide to sell. But before you jump into the next bathroom trend, take a step back. Some bathroom renovations will actually hurt your chances of selling.

4 Bathroom Trends Home Buyers Hate

  1. All white. Sure, it looks attractive, but the all-white trend has been around long enough for homeowners to know better. It’s easy for all-white to become dingy, and these flashy bathroom designs are nearly impossible to keep clean.
  2. Minimalist. Clean, simple, elegant. Right? In theory there’s nothing more tasteful than the minimalist look, but the reality is a lot different. People tend to collect stuff in their bathrooms, and minimalist + clutter = one big mess.
  3. Color trends. Big, bold colors become dated fast, and unlike accent cushions in the living room, it’s difficult to remove a salmon-colored sink. Stick to neutral trends for bathroom remodels.
  4. oversized bathtubOversized tubs. A trend that’s elegant and eye-catching in the simple, sprawling bathrooms of home decor magazines, oversized tubs are a more difficult trend to pull off in a real life, moderately-sized bathroom. Few people use bathtubs anymore, and they’re not worth investing in for looks alone. Redo the shower instead.

3 Bathroom Trends That Add Home Value

  1. Neutral hues. Whites (within reason), creams, grays, and taupes are classic color choices for bathroom remodels.
  2. Storage. Instead of clunky medicine cabinets, invest in built-in storage like drawers, open shelving, and floating vanities.
  3. Sink space. Statement sinks like vessel sinks and pedestal sinks are draining in popularity, while options like voluminous trough sinks are on the rise.

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