Fall Home Maintenance: 5 Tips for Your Woodstock Home

orange autumn leavesSeasonal maintenance is an important part of home ownership. In order to keep your Woodstock home in good condition and preserve its value, take a look at these fall home maintenance tips.

Save energy

If your home isn’t sealed properly, you could be losing lots of money on your power bills paying for heat that merely escapes outside. Avoid wasting energy and money on heating this winter by having your home professionally caulked and sealed.

Clean gutters

If your home is situated on a wooded lot, chances are your gutters collect their fair share of leaves. When leaves and debris accumulate in the gutters they can back up, resulting in wood rot and roof damage.

Mulch leaves

Fallen leaves may look pretty, but they can kill your lawn in short order! Preserve your landscaping and the curb appeal of your home by mulching fallen leaves every few days with your lawnmower or raking them up for removal.

Store firewood

Never store firewood right up on the side of your house. This presents the perfect environment for termites and could lead to a serious infestation that can be very costly to remedy, not to mention making it harder to sell your home if you need to. By storing your firewood at least 15 feet away from your home and limiting the amount of wood you keep inside, you reduce the risk of a termite invasion.

Warm up

Fireplaces are a popular home feature, allowing you to warm your living area while enjoying a cozy ambiance. But with fireplace ownership comes responsibility. You will need to have your fireplace inspected once a year and cleaned when necessary to prevent dangerous soot buildup.

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Photo by graur codrin via FreeDigitalPhotos.net