First Time Selling a Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

First time home buyers get a lot of attention, and for good reason–buying a home is a major milestone in life, and one of the biggest financial commitments most people will make. However, first time home sellers don’t have nearly as much advice available to them, despite the fact that selling a home for the first time is also a major event that comes with plenty of questions. At The Premier Group, our Keller Williams Realty team is here to support you no matter where you happen to be on your real estate journey. If you’re ready to sell your first home, whether to upgrade, downsize, or relocate, check out these tips, and give us a call to get started selling your home.

selling your Woodstock GA home

Competition is Fierce and Buyers Know What They Want

Today’s world of online real estate listings, social media, and apps has allowed buyers to be more selective in their home search, with a plethora of tools right at their fingertips allowing them to view more homes without even leaving the couch. The challenge is to make your home stand out from the crowd, motivating those buyers to switch from online “window shopping” to actually showing up in person and touring your home.

This dynamic makes it more important than ever to have great listing photos and an online presence. When you choose our Keller Williams Realty team to market and sell your home, you’re getting the full benefit of our thorough home listings and online real estate marketing experience, so you can sell your home fast.

Price Accordingly from the Start

As we’ve mentioned, there’s more competition these days and buyers have short attention spans. The newest listings show up at the top of the search for house hunters, so you’ll probably have the most visitors in the first couple weeks after listing your home, with traffic dropping off after your listing is eclipsed in search results by more recent ones. Work with this dynamic instead of against it by pricing your home competitively before it loses that new listing cachet.

Make It Easy on Them

Today’s buyers have so many options that they are able to demand convenience, so it’s worth your while to make your home “move-in ready.” If you’re a first time home seller, odds are that the home you’re selling is going to appeal to similar buyers–either first timers like you were when you chose the property, or downsizers looking for a more manageable home. Neither group is likely to want to take on a major remodeling project, so you’ll need to take care of all those little details that you would demand when buying a home, like replacing the carpet, painting, making the landscaping presentable, etc.

Ready to cross your first home sale off your list of life experiences? Contact us today!

Photo by Life-of-Pix via Pixabay