Outdoor Kitchens Heat Up the Real Estate Market

Outdoor kitchens are an amenity that could earn you some serious ROI . . . if you know how to sell it. For many homeowners, “build an outdoor kitchen” is high on their renovation to-do list. If you live in a location that supports spending time outdoors, an outdoor kitchen can see an ROI of 100-200%. But only if you know how to sell it!

How to Sell an Outdoor Kitchen

When you put your home on the market, it officially becomes the primary product of your business. That means you need a crash course in marketing your house. How can you show off its best features, like that cozy, elegant outdoor kitchen you installed last summer? Learn how to stage outdoor spaces.

  1. outdoor kitchenCreate harmony and flow. If your indoor spaces and outdoor spaces feel too distinct, the outdoor living areas won’t feel accessible. Create a connection to make your outdoor kitchen feel like an extension of the house, not something tacked on. Install sliding French doors to create easy access, make sure your patio has adequate lighting, and use echoes of interior decorating to make your outdoor area feel like a comfortable extension of the rooms inside.
  2. Focus on creature comforts. The days of plastic lawn chairs are long past. Southerners love sitting on the back porch, sipping a beverage and watching the kids catch fireflies. Make your outdoor spaces as appealing as your interior spaces with area rugs, well-made furniture, and a bar or cooking area (or both!) for easy access to food and drinks. If you’re really feeling daring, you can entice sports families by installing an outdoor TV. Hello, perfect tailgate!
  3. Make it pop. What does your outdoor kitchen have that you can’t have inside? Sell your outdoor kitchen with a unique feature like a fire pit, dog run, or playground for the kids.

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