Real Estate-Ready Painting Tips

paint can and brushThe key to success when selling any type of real estate is to show the property in its best light. Sometimes that requires extensive staging with the help of a professional designer, while sometimes all a home needs are a few minor touches like a vase of flowers on the kitchen counter. But there’s one thing all real estate agents know that holds true no matter how high-end or budget-friendly the property, be it traditional or modern, large or small, old or new: Fresh paint makes all the difference.

A fresh paint job can create an amazing transformation! When selling, you should opt for light, neutral colors, which visually expand the space, making your home feel larger. Fresh paint also gives houses the air of being clean and well-maintained, and allows potential buyers to envision themselves in the home without being distracted by the scuff marks, dirt, “unique” color choices, and other reminders of the previous owners. Whether you’re ready to sell your house or just want to give your home a spring makeover, read on for some painting tips from the pros!

Professional interior painting tips

Watch the weather- The humidity level and temperature outside can affect the results of your paint job inside. If it’s a particularly humid day, don’t risk painting. You could be in for extremely slow-drying walls, or worse, the paint could cure unevenly.

Start strong- Make sure your walls are clean and dry before beginning, and don’t skip the primer! You won’t get a good end result if you’re working with a poorly executed foundation.

If your walls are peeling or chipping, you must first scrape the old layer of paint off the wall before cleaning and priming. And if you’re working with high-gloss walls, you may need to sand them lightly before beginning (don’t forget to wipe them down afterward to remove any dust) in order to get your new paint to adhere to the surface.

Paint inside the lines– Use painter’s tape and edge pads to help you paint around architectural elements without getting paint where it doesn’t belong. Another reason not to skip the preparations mentioned above: Your tape won’t stick as well on an inadequately prepped surface! And don’t forget to put down dropcloths to protect your floors and furnishings.

Do the math- Professional painters recommend buying one gallon of paint for every 400 square feet of wall space. However, if you’re painting over an unprimed wall or a wall that has a pronounced texture, you might need more.

And a few more tricks:

  • Mask off doorknobs using a sandwich bag or other small plastic baggie. Just slip the bag over the doorknob and tape the edges using painter’s tape.
  • Don’t forget to remove outlet covers and wall plates before you begin.
  • Use a roller for more even coverage and a quicker process.

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Photo by papaija2008