Real Estate Selling Tips: How Can You Tell if the Price is Right?

pricing your Woodstock home for saleAt The Premier Group, we pride ourselves on helping our clients get the best price when selling their homes. We work with homeowners in Woodstock, Alpharetta, Roswell, and other Cherokee, Fulton, and Cobb County communities to make listing your home and setting a price easy and stress-free. Don’t be intimidated by pricing your home- just check out these pricing tips.

Work with a good real estate agent

As Woodstock Keller-Williams real estate agents, we are familiar with the market and can advise you on the best course of action when it comes to pricing, staging, and selling your home. Remember that the price is always the most important factor in a home sale. A good price can make up for a home in less than ideal condition, but even an impeccably maintained and staged home won’t sell unless the price is right.

Don’t hesitate; price it right from the start

Real estate is no place for indecision. It’s best to go with your agent’s recommendation for pricing, rather than trying to get a higher price and ultimately having to readjust anyway. You can play with the price, but while you do that, your costs are staying the same, and you’re shelling out more on your mortgage, insurance, and taxes. According to Keller Williams research, sellers who followed their agents’ advice on home prices sold a whopping 38 days faster than the ones who didn’t. What could you do with an extra month plus worth of costs?

Look ahead, not behind

No matter what you’ve been hearing about home prices in your neighborhood, all that matters in selling your home is what you can get today and where the market is going tomorrow. This is another reason why it’s good to work with an experienced Realtor who has access to local market data that can help you make the right pricing and selling decisions.

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