Residential Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2017

The next five years will see home prices continue to rise across the board, but especially in the Atlanta area. Between now and 2020, the city of Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs will see a predicted increase of about 5% per year.

north Atlanta suburbs real estate 2017

Why the Increase?

Job growth and the emergence of new households will give Atlanta’s housing market a steady boost that should continue to grow. To top it off, major metropolitan areas, such as Atlanta, are seeing low inventory in places not usually associated with housing shortages. More people are moving to the area for jobs, and there are just aren’t enough houses available.

Suburbs Will Rule

We’ve all heard about suburban sprawl, but starting in 2017, we’ll hear a new word for this: surban. This term refers to suburban areas which are adding more urban amenities so residents don’t have to venture into the cities for what they need. Surban areas are more comfortable than traditional suburbs, so these areas will see an influx of residents. They will become the norm. So, if you are looking to move the ‘burbs, now is the time. These areas will soon be even more popular, and the prices of the homes in these areas will rise.

Experts predict that almost 80% of residential growth will take place in the suburbs over the next five years, compared to about 70% of growth happening in urban places.

It’s the Time to Buy

It’s a great time to buy a home in metro Atlanta! Values will continue to rise in our area. If you are thinking of buying, contact The Premier Group Keller Williams Realty for real estate services in north metro Atlanta, especially Cherokee, East Cobb, and North Fulton counties. Our Woodstock Realtors can help find your perfect home!