Selling Your Home to Second-Wave Baby Boomers

With over 76 million baby boomers currently residing in the U.S., many who are in the process of downsizing in preparation for retirement, baby boomers make up a vital part of the real estate market. But there are major differences in what first and second generation baby boomers prioritize in potential homes. What are the factors that will help you sell your home to second-wave baby boomers?

Real Estate Trends among Second-Wave Baby Boomers

Clear trends emerge when surveying second-wavers about their real estate needs. As many younger baby boomers become empty nesters and start planning for retirement, their image of an ideal home changes. What do second-wave baby boomers look for in a home?

  1. couple on walk - fallLocation. Younger baby boomers want homes in dynamic neighborhoods that are close to a variety of restaurants, entertainment, and shopping. They also prefer neighborhoods with community amenities like pools, hiking trails, and golf courses.
  2. Price. 37.4% of second-wave baby boomers prioritize affordability when buying a new home.
  3. Floor plan. Second-wave baby boomers are thinking ahead, choosing homes with layouts that easily adjust to limited mobility as they age. Living spaces with fewer stairs, ample doorway space, and easily accessible cabinets appeal to younger baby boomers. The most important areas to consider when buying real estate are the kitchen, master bedroom, and great room. Many second-wavers also look for spaces with an easy transition from indoor to outdoor spaces.

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