Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

spring home repair tipsYour car requires regular tune-ups; your body requires regular checkups; but what about your home? Your house is likely the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime and needs to be given regular upkeep just like anything else in order to maintain its value. This checklist includes some of the most important home maintenance tasks to take care of before spring arrives.

Address drainage issues

Water damage can be extremely costly to repair, but many of the causes of water damage are easy to prevent! Check your gutters to make sure they are in good repair and free of debris. Check that all downspouts are functional and pointed away from the foundation of your home.

An improperly graded yard can cause low areas to flood, so you should remedy the situation before spring rains come. Lack of drainage can result in basement flooding and foundation damage, not to mention the fact that you’ll be overrun by mosquitoes come summertime if you allow standing water to remain.

Have your HVAC system inspected

Don’t wait until summer arrives to discover that your air conditioner is broken! Book a service appointment with a heating and cooling contractor to have your unit serviced and ready to go when the temperatures start to creep upward again. Having your unit serviced annually will not only ensure that it’s in good working order, but can also help it run more efficiently, saving you money on your energy bill.

Another way to increase efficiency is by replacing the air filters in your home regularly. It will also help to reduce allergy issues when all that pollen starts to rear its ugly yellow head in the spring!

Check for wood rot and roof damage

Walk around your home looking for rotten wood, paying special attention to doors, windows, steps, porches, decks, attics, and roof beams. Take a look at your roof to check for missing shingles or damaged flashing around your chimney and vents. If you do find signs of decay, call a roofer or wood rot repair company immediately to fix the problems before spring rains come and exacerbate them.

Fix foundation issues

If you notice that the foundation of your home has shifted or cracked, consult with a foundation repair company. You may be able to repair the cracks with concrete filler or caulk. Having all concrete surfaces sealed regularly will help prevent future damage.

Once your home is in order for the coming year, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy! If you’ve been thinking of selling your home, it’s important to take care of these concerns before putting your home on the market and showing it to potential buyers. At The Premier Group, we can help you get ready to put your home up for sale in the Woodstock real estate market, so contact us today if you are ready!

Photo by Gualberto107 via freedigitalphotos.net