Staging Your Pool for Summer Home Sales

staging pool to sell homeA sparkling pool surrounded by beautiful landscaping can be very attractive to potential home buyers, especially in the summer. However, like any other area of your home, it’s important to stage it properly in order to make it welcoming and appealing to the most buyers. Our Woodstock real estate agents are pros when it comes to home staging, so so check out the following tips to help you stage your pool and get the best price for your home.

Make it sparkle

Make sure your pool looks as clean and inviting as possible. Have it professionally cleaned, and keep it covered when it’s not in use or being shown. Make sure all ladders, diving boards, etc. are in good repair.

Swab the deck

Clean the cement that surrounds your pool. If the deck area is worn or dirty, it will detract from even the cleanest pool.

Stash the toys

Just as toys inside your home add clutter that takes the buyer’s attention away from where you want them to look, pool toys have the same effect. Stow them away while your home is up for sale.

Add landscaping

A freshly cut lawn provides the perfect backdrop for your pool. You’ll also want to use landscaping such as trees, mulch, or decorative rocks around the pool to showcase it to its best advantage. Adding some colorful plants and flowers nearby in hanging baskets and pots can also add a great deal of visual appeal for a relatively small investment of time and money.

Our Woodstock real estate agents have the experience to help you stage your pool area as well as the rest of the home. If you’re buying or selling your home in North Georgia, contact The Premier Group today!

Photo by Bill Wilson via Flickr (CC by 2.0)