Still Renting and Can’t Decide Where to Buy a Home? Stop Renting Now and Buy a Home in Woodstock, GA

The Premier Group Rent vs. Buy

Could You Be Losing $$$ Renting?

There are quite a number first-time home buyers that are waiting for the perfect time in order to buy a home. However, in the meantime, they are spending their money renting.  The buying decision needs to made during this precise time, and Cherokee County Georgia is the right place to buy. Homeowners in Cherokee County are in the perfect area for homes sales. Due to the current low inventory levels throughout the real estate market, homes that are listed at this time are more likely to sell faster. Buyers can look forward to a better turnaround during their transaction.

Perhaps it’s not a question of whether to buy now or later. Perhaps the real question is where to buy. If you are still renting and are wondering where to put down some roots, let us at The Premier Group help you look at what Woodstock, GA has to offer. It is an area is a desirable location for home buyers for several reasons.

  1. Woodstock’s future is looking bright. In July of 2007, Woodstock was named one of the top 10 fastest growing communities in the United States by Forbes magazine.
  2. The rebirth and redevelopment effort of the core downtown of Woodstock has been the recipient of numerous regional awards and represents the best of urban planning today.
  3. Woodstock is a great place to raise a family, grow a business, and enjoy the natural beauty of North Georgia.
  4. Woodstock real estate property values are well diversified, and there are an abundance of public and private schools.
  5. For the city of Woodstock, the building of infrastructure remains a top priority for the future as is evident by the approval of the new interchange on I-575 Towne Lake Parkway. There is  real estate development and growth that appeals to forward-thinking business owners and city government.
  6. The people of Woodstock are a thriving collective that has joined forces to bridge the gap between the new and the old.

Woodstock is an excellent place to bring your search for the perfect home to completion. Woodstock offers a wide variety of affordable real estate opportunities.  With master planned communities, beautiful subdivisions, and homes with acreage, you will find that there is a house and a thriving community waiting for you in Woodstock, GA.

At The Premier Group/Keller Williams  in Woodstock, GA, our experience ranges from consistently managing and closing short sale and distressed properties to marketing and selling luxury homes. When you decide to sell your home or purchase a home, don’t hesitate to contact The Premier Group. We are dedicated to being the most qualified specialists that you can turn to for all of your real estate needs.