Technology Could Have Profound Effect on Metro Atlanta Real Estate

technology and real estate- autonomous carsTechnological advances could have a major impact on future real estate trends, according to an article published recently in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. It’s easy to look at population trends and get a general idea of where the real estate market is headed. For instance, metro Atlanta’s population is steadily growing, so in the next decade it’s obvious that the demand for real estate in the area will grow as well. One can also observe America’s age demographics to see that the population of seniors is increasing, meaning that there will be increased demand for homes featuring aging-in-place features or universal design principles. But as the article points out, some changes are harder to anticipate. Technology is a prime example of a “game changer” that can radically alter our lifestyles and result in unexpected shifts in the real estate market.

Take for example the automated cars Google is currently testing on the roads in California. While it’s almost impossible to refrain from making Jetsons allusions, this technology is not far-fetched science fiction. Autonomous cars are cutting edge, but could very well be on their way to your Woodstock street in a matter of years.

Imagine the impact that would have on Cobb and Cherokee County real estate, as well as other Atlanta suburbs. One of the worst parts of commuting for work isn’t just the gas money; it’s the thought that you could be doing something else instead of sitting in traffic. Autonomous cars would decrease the time cost of commuting from the north Atlanta suburbs into the city, giving commuters the opportunity to read or do other things. Homes in Atlanta would likely lose value as more homeowners would choose to buy homes outside the city limits. Already conveniently located to Atlanta, Alpharetta and Woodstock real estate could become even more sought-after, and home buyers might range even farther north.

How much do you take commute time into account when you’re interested in buying a home, and would autonomous car technology change that? We’d love to hear your reasons for buying a house in Woodstock or Alpharetta, so leave us a comment below.

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons