These ‘Burbs Were Made for Walkin’: Reviving the Suburbs With Smart Design

Woodstock real estate developmentMost suburbs weren’t originally designed for walking, but thanks to smart city planning in innovative communities like our very own Woodstock, Georgia, some suburbs are enjoying a new life. We’re always proud of our town here at The Premier Group, but we were especially excited to see Woodstock mentioned in this article about New Urbanism.

Sprawl has affected many suburban and exurban cities in recent decades, but changing attitudes are resulting in more walkable communities. More and more people are expressing an interest in urban living, and metrics like Walk Score (which measures the number of amenities, restaurants, services, etc. in walking distance of a property) are actually impacting home values.

According to Georgia Tech professor of architecture and urban design, Ellen Dunham-Jones,

We’ve spent the past 60 years building the post-World War II suburbs. I think the big design and development project for the next 50 to 60 years will be retrofitting them.

Woodstock is included in the piece as an example of a town that has made walkability a priority. The development of historic downtown Woodstock has been largely geared towards creating a safer, more welcoming environment for pedestrians, as well as increasing mixed-use space that combines residential and commercial real estate with public parks and green space. Neighborhoods and cities that allow people to safely walk to businesses and amenities tend to be the most sought-after real estate markets around the world, and Woodstock has managed to create just such an environment.

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Photo by Main Street Woodstock via Facebook