True Real Estate Facts That Will Surprise You

Woodstock real estate agentsIt’s true that there are some examples of “common knowledge” that are spot-on when it comes to real estate. For instance, homes in high-performing public school districts will generally be more sought-after, and thus have higher values, than homes in less desirable school districts. But then there are the real estate facts that require a suspension of disbelief to accept, yet are nonetheless true! Read on to learn some surprising facts about real estate, and give us a call today or contact us online for help with your Woodstock real estate needs.

  • Many people consider 7 a lucky number, but “777” addresses tend to sell for 2.1% less than their estimated value.
  • Homes located near a Starbucks tend to sell for more money than comparable homes that do not have a Starbucks near by.
  • Steet names that include words like Lake or Sunset fetch 16% higher sales prices.
  • Female real estate agents sell homes faster on average than their male counterparts, and for higher prices as well.
  • Homes on a “Way” have the highest home values, while homes on a Street have the lowest.
  • Middle range bathroom remodels have the best ROI (return on investment), while kitchen remodels have the worst (an honor shared with¬†basement finishing or remodeling.

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Photo by moerschy via Pixabay