Why Millennials Love Living in “the ATL”

atlanta - piedmont parkAtlanta is a hotspot for millennials, with tens of thousands flocking to Atlanta apartments, condos, and homes each year. Forbes ranks metro Atlanta as one of the best cities in the U.S. for people in their 20’s and 30’s. But what is it about “the ATL” that makes it such an attractive location for young people?

Job Opportunities

Many millennials who relocate to Atlanta are just starting their careers. Atlanta offers a variety of opportunities for young professionals in the film, energy, agriculture, healthcare and biomedical, media and communications, and finance fields. Available positions range from entry level to high-level corporate jobs, which appeal to millennials at all stages of their careers. Atlanta also has an economy where startups can thrive; an attractive opportunity for the next generation of business owners.

Community, Attractions, and Nightlife

Atlanta boasts a thriving nightlife with food, entertainment, and fun hot spots readily available. There’s also a healthy mix of young, single men and women, which makes it a good city for dating. With frequent sporting events, outdoor concerts and public attractions, as well as innovative bars and breweries, the community in Atlanta appeals to a millennial crowd.

Affordable Housing

While folks in Atlanta may complain about their rent or mortgage, housing prices remain affordable when compared to other major cities in the U.S. The city offers millennials a variety of housing options, from renting a house or apartment to purchasing a condo or townhome.

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