Woodstock Real Estate Tips: Fall Staging Strategies

Woodstock real estate- fall staging tipsSpring and summer are the busiest seasons for home sales, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t list your home during the fall or winter. While there are fewer home buyers on the prowl in the fall, they are likely to be more motivated. Fewer homes on the market also means less competition. With smart staging and the help of an experienced, motivated real estate team like the Keller Williams real estate agents of The Premier Group, you can successfully market and sell your Woodstock home.

If you’re looking to close on your home sale before the holidays, try these home staging strategies.

Let there be light!

As the days get shorter and darker, your home can easily feel gloomy and dark in the absence of natural light. To make up for the deficiency in natural light, make sure your home’s lighting scheme is on point. Interior designers use the “rule of three” to create the perfect atmosphere with ambient, task, and accent lighting. Make sure bulb wattages are high enough to light up the room (but not so bright that they are distracting) and if bulbs are visible in your fixtures, make sure they all match. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to replace all of the bulbs so you can be sure a light won’t blow while potential buyers are touring your home.
Candles placed strategically throughout your home can also add a nice, welcoming glow, and it never hurts to light a cozy fire to show off your fireplace.

Sights and smells

Effective home staging has two goals- helping your home look its best, and helping potential buyers envision themselves in your home. Basic home staging measures like painting and de-cluttering are a must, but beyond that you should also set the mood. For fall, it’s all about warm, welcoming coziness. The smell of just-out-of-the-oven cookies is a tried and true home staging secret, so pop some Toll House break-and-bakes in the oven.

Add a pop of fall color here and there with an autumnal flower arrangement on the (clutter-free!) kitchen counter or a pot of mums on the front porch. A few simple, seasonal touches can be charming and effective, but don’t go overboard with fall decor or you risk distracting from the main attraction- your home.

Boost curb appeal

While your lawn and garden may not be in their full glory in the colder months, it’s still important to make sure your home looks attractive from the street. Take care to remove leaves and dead plant matter from your landscaping, sweep or blow debris from walkways and driveways, and make sure any tree branches or shrubbery are properly trimmed. Add some color with mums on the front porch or maybe even a few pumpkins leading up the steps!

Our Woodstock real estate agents are experts in marketing and selling homes, so give us a call for help selling your home today!

Photo by jkennedy93 via Pixabay